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Scarecrow1 by lindowyn-stock Scarecrow1 by lindowyn-stock
With my favorite holiday coming up just over the horizon...I thought I'd upload this Scarecrow series.

They were initially shot alongside the Harley Quinn and Catwoman shoots, intended to be the Old School Scarecrow. The model had a bit of a preference for the movie version, so we kindof blended the two. Some of these are feckin' creepy. Also, it can be used like any regular ol' scarecrow. (Why you'd want to scare the crows is beyond me ;) )

In fact, I took a shot of ~Zulias in the mask with my cellphone and sent it to *TheArcher777 who was just about to fall asleep... :evillaugh:

What you will need to use this pack:

:bulletblue: Winrar to open it.
:bulletblue: The password to open it.
:bulletblue: An agreement to follow my terms of use. (Found in my journal header on my front page.)

My terms:
These images belong to me, but you may use them in your art provided all stock rules are followed and the above demands met.

I will NOT provide passwords to users whose galleries contain no submitted deviations. I reserve the right to refuse resources to anyone for any reason.

To obtain the password, you must note me with your agreement to follow the rules I have set forth. They aren't difficult, and are fair. Communication is the key.
HiddenYume-stock Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2008
"Do you want to see my mask?" Strangely enough, I loved the movie version.. .Cillian Smilth was just so freaky looking anyway lol
LaphromiPilotX Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2008
Nice job! I really mean it when i say that the quality and skill of your stock has really impoved from all that I've seen here. I always wait eagerly to see what ever new stuff you put out because it never disappoints.

Now that I've said that heres the Peanut Gallery:
For what ever reason why I saw the image on the right I imediately thought he was lamenting over his inability to consume a Poptart. I mean that mask has no way for anything to go into his mouth. Im really tempted to photo manip that image with a poptart on the ground and him with a speach bubble saying "POOOOPTARRRRRT!". All because there is no mouth hole on the mask. Its a wide known fact that before a scarecrow clocks in for a days work of laying around he normally likes to have a poptart for breakfast.

Actually I think I will do that if you dont mind.
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September 3, 2008
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