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What an incredible photo! She looks so languidly draped over the timber, and yet it seems so... uncomfortable and otherworldly. There's...

Okay, so I'm hopping up and down in my set right now with excitement. This is so lovely. :D I love the sunset tones you chose; it adds w...



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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 31, 2013, 10:40 PM

Stock Rules

:bulletblue: Credit me in your artist's description anywhere you post it on the internet, and anywhere that is reasonably available.
:bulletblue: Notify me. Link me here either on the piece, on the front page, anywhere. It doesn't matter. If you want me to respond quickly, e-mail me at lindowyn at gmail dot com.
:bulletblue: dA Prints are okay by me. So are print sales on etsy, redbubble, flickr, wherever you can create a print SO LONG AS the crediting and the notifying takes place. Bigger commercial projects, please contact me for a price list.
:bulletblue: Play nice. I can edit my own images; these photos are for art purposes and are not to be redistributed. They cannot be made into pre-made backgrounds and redistributed. Without restricting your artistic freedom, you should know that my model stock should never be used to promote hatred. The key here is promotion. Images *justifying crimes against* minorities, creeds, faiths will not be tolerated. Inflation and fetish images are unwelcomed by the models. Please respect them.
It should not be too much to ask for basic human decency.

Hi ho, so as I mentioned before the crew here and I decided to take on a rather enormous project inspired by George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, or as fans of the tv show would call it "Game Of Thrones". Naturally we'd be doing a shoot in the colder months, which gives us time to prepare and sew and spend far too much money on stuff. I'd really prefer to be able to create costumes that don't scream "hey this is elaborate fanart" and can be used for all varieties of art that don't instantly bring ASoIaF to mind. 

So here's what we've come up with so far, and we're open to suggestions. 

Sirens of Shallow Water II by lindowyn-stock as Meera Reed 
Invidia 1A by lindowyn-stockas Margaery Tyrell
Shards: Drow V by lindowyn-stock as Viserys Targaryen (possibly. He'd need a convincing wig.)
Shards: Nightforce III by lindowyn-stock possibly as Stannis Baratheon

We've got a couple other folks who might participate who have not been photographed for stock previously, and a couple more who might be convinced to participate if I ask nicely and ply them with pie. Good pie. Elaborately and painstakingly described pie. 

I personally don't know what to do. I've been blonde, brunette, and bright red-headed. Have no qualms about dying my hair, which is still long. I have told my friends that I'd have fun as a white walker or as the Iron Throne but they won't bite and I got the stern "no, Ashley". I would rather focus my fundage on one good costume than a bunch of halfassed maybes, so what do you think I should do? I am not terribly concerned about House alliances, I am more concerned with what will look right and/or useful. (It's not secret though that I freaking hate Lannisters. And even less of a secret that Zulias is one. Jerkface. lol)

Some of my previous looks over the years:
PFAR: Seven by lindowyn-stockAttack of the Hair by lindowyn-stockSirens of Shallow Water VII by lindowyn-stockGypsy Elf by lindowyn-stockCalled to Arms by lindowyn-stockGolden Dragon by lindowyn-stock <---- This one for White Walker consideration, LOL.  

Seriously, your help is appreciated. So far, friends have insisted on Melisandre, Catelyn, and Cersei. I continue to insist on things like inanimate objects.

Also, if you're here on a Hunt For Passwords, this is the journal you are looking for: Need Passwords? Waiting on a Note from me?I continue to mention this, but that's because it's important to me that you have access to the resources that you want to use. Having to remove all the packs I had up with passwords on them (sigh) is a pain in the nuts, so I am offering something unique, and I do it at the extreme risk of having my stock redistributed all over the damn place. 
However. I know that the good far outweighs the asshole in this community, and artists don't deserve the full brunt of my constant (but with good reason) paranoia. If you follow my simple rules, I can't really ask more than that. I want you guys to be able to make what you want, but I also don't want to be disrespected. Door's open if you want to talk about something you REALLY wanna do but are REALLY worried about how to achieve it, stockwise.
If you have noted me, downloaded any of my packs that you can't access due to passwords and me disappearing off the planet while I couldn't get this account to function, this link is a link to


is not left-handed
United States
I like to shoot people in costumes.

You can decide if I mean with a camera, or with a bow.

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Favourite photographer: Good question.
Shell of choice: sea.
Skin of choice: Elven.
Personal Quote: "You've just inspired me to write something horrible.."



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